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Prefix Performance Engines


1. M1 Nascar 5.9L approved for Pinty Series crate engine features:
•Mopar 5.9L (362.3ci) Aluminum block
•stroke: 88.9 mm (3.5”) & bore: 103.124 mm (4.060”)
•11:1 Compression
•Molner forged crank
•Mahle pistons & rings
•Dyer forged 160.0mm (6.300”) long connecting rods
•Mopar Apache 6.4L aluminum cylinder heads w/ CNC porting
•Upgraded valvetrain parts
•Hydraulic roller lifter camshaft
•Prefix-Arrow Mid rise aluminum intake manifold
•3 stage dry sump oil pump & pan for oval and road course tracks
•Mechanical fuel pump
•Bosch 140 amp alternator, internally regulated
•Mopar power steering pump
Unassembled engine kit: $23K USD – includes shipping. Ask for free shipping code
Assembled engine: $27K USD – includes dyno run &
shipping. Ask for free shipping code

2. HEMI 392 EFI Crate Engine 540HP / 464 Ft Lbs TQ
•HEMI 392 cubic inch based platform (Non-VVT) with all forged internal rotating components
•Pump gas friendly (93 octane), 11:6 compression
•Holley HP ECU Control System with complete engine wiring harness and custom tune
•Prefix designed intake manifold with Holley 750 cfm throttle body
•Custom Comp camshaft with PAC beehive valve springs
•HEMI “Apache” cylinder heads with 2.140” diameter intake valves with 1.650” exhaust valves
•HEMI cast iron block 
•HEMI forged crankshaft, 3.720” stroke with 2.124” diameter rod pins 
•Molnar H-beam forged connecting rods with Clevite tri-metal rod bearings
•Mahle 4.095” bore diameter custom forged pistons with 0.945” diameter piston pins. Rings are Steel Moly-filled and are 1mm, 1mm, 2mm in thickness

3. Aluminum 426 CID Gen 3 Hemi Crate Engine 625 HP / 525 Ft Lbs TQ
•Callies Compstar 4.00” Stroke Forged 4340 Crankshaft
•Callies Compstar CSA-6000 ‘H’ Beam Connecting Rods
•Mahle Forged 4.125” Dome Pistons 11.2 Comp Ratio 
•HEMI 'Apache' CNC Ported Aluminum Heads W/ 2.140” Int valve / 1.650” Exh Valve
•One piece Chrome Moly Pushrods
•Melling High Volume Oil Pump
•Custom Comp Camshaft W/ PAC 1232X Valve Springs
•Prefix 5929 Front Distributor drive kit W/ Billet Crane distributor
•Holley 110 gph Mechanical Fuel Pump
•Prefix designed Aluminum intake manifold W/ Billet oil fill Adapter
•Holley Black Anodize 770 CFM Vacuum Secondary Carburetor
•KRC Power Steering Pump
•ATI Super Damper
•Stefs  7 Qt oil pan
•EFI options also available - please inquire at RylisPro@gmail.com

4. Viper Extreme Engine upgrade for Gen IV & V
•Enlarged to 9.0L (550 cubic inches) with all forged internal rotating components
•Pump gas friendly (93 octane), 10.5 compression
•Factory engine control system with custom tune
•Factory intake manifold and throttle bodies
•Custom Comp Extreme camshaft (Non-VVT) with PAC double springs
•CNC cylinder heads with 2.125” diameter intake valves with 1.608” exhaust valves
•Aluminum block with press in cast iron liners
•Callies “stroker” billet crankshaft, 4.200” stroke with 2.100” diameter rod pins
•Callies H-beam forged connecting rods with Daido tri-metal rod bearings
•Mahle custom forged pistons with 0.927” diameter piston pins.
•Rings are Steel Moly-filled and are 1mm, 1mm, 2mm in thickness
•Built using customers engine

5. Gen IV Viper Stage II Performance Package
•Custom Calibration for VENOM controller)
•Revised fuel, spark and throttle maps
•Agressive idle quality and exhaust note
•Requires Premium fuel
•Rev limit increased to 6700 rpm
•Final drive ratios from 3.07:1 to 4.10:1
•First to fourth gear skip shift eliminated
•Catalyst monitor disabled
•Air flow rationality disabled
•Fixed Cam with Increased Lift & Duration
•Increased Intake Valve Size 2.125”
•Performance Dual Valve Springs
•Performance Lifters
•Performance Pushrods
•Increased Performance Cylinder Heads
•H-Beam Forged Connecting Rods
•Forged MAHLE Pistons w/ valve pockets
•Requires high flow exhaust system (not included in package)
•Does not include shipping or engine R&R costs.

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