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We are now an EFI Source dealer! Their Gold Box has been powering the `Cuda reliably for years and will be managing the 73 Challenger's 426 all-aluminum Gen 3 Hemi engine as well. 

The Gold Box is available in Xtra Gold as well which has the microsquirt controller integrated, so you can run GM trans control or additional I/O for your boosted Gen 3 Hemi, LSX or Coyote engines. 

EFI Source also has Hellcat specific harnesses that are available from us. It has the extra sensors required to control VVT along with the portion for the bypass valve and requires a cable driven throttle body. It does cost more than the 2006-2008 & 2009+ Gen 3 Hemi harnesses at $600.00 US dollars.

EFI Source will be making adapter plates to mate your favorite four bolt LS style 92mm throttle body to the Hellcat intakes so that customers can find an easy solution to their troubles. The adapter plate will still need to be machined and will take a couple of months to mass produce. Should be around $50-60 for the adapter plate.  This should be a great combination to their EFI Source Hellcat specific harness which only comes with GM style TPS/IAC connectors. We'll keep everyone posted when this new product will be released.

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Check out our YouTube video on the the Gold Box! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTfZUp0pY1I 

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