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If you want a well engineered and affordable mount for your camera or GoPro, look no further than KW Machine Works. These little bad-ass mounts are so robustly constructed, they can survive the rigors of Baja Truck, rock crawling, as well as many other types of professional racing venues. Two types of mounts will cover all your needs.

The Roll Bar mounts come in many popular sizes and are perfect for camera angle placements that are more permanently fixed, as in that you want a camera to consistently at a particular location. The Roll Bar mounts come with two Allen screws that secure the U clamp. Although it is very solid, it can be cumbersome to constantly move around and you will be repeatedly reciting your favorite explatives trying to find the screws when dropped in the car.

The Billet Adjustable mount is a perfect solution as it comes with a large hose clamp that can be used to tighten to almost anything that it can wrap around on. It makes switching camera placements very easy and you can go to any hardware store for larger or smaller hose clamp to suit your specific application.

Roll Bar mounts come in standard camera 1/4-20 and GoPro while the Adjustable mount comes only in the GoPro version. Best of all is that KW Machine Works products are Made in USA. Hell even the 5/32 Allen wrench that comes with mounts is Made in USA!

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