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Image of Gen 3 Hemi aluminum heater hose plugs

Gen 3 Hemi aluminum heater hose plugs


Our Gen 3 Hemi heater hose plug are made to get rid of the heater hose tubes in a race only application. It removes a few pounds & reduces the number of leak sources for coolant.

Ideally they need to be welded in when the engine is still apart but in the case of a runningĀ  car such as the `Cuda, welding on the engine is not feasible as there are gaskets within the timing cover that will get damaged by all the heat. When it comes time to rebuild the engine, the aluminum plugs will be ready to welded in.

These plugs will temporarily get set in place with RTV silicone & fixed with brackets that I still need to fabricate. They are tapped with 8mm x 1.25 metric thread for bolts for the brackets or if one ever needed to remove them. We also have shorter untapped plugs to be welded in for those who still have their engines apart.

Made in USA of 6061 aluminum, the set is with 2 plugs & 2 bolts, one for the timing cover & the other for the water pump on passenger car 5.7, 6.1, & 6.4 Gen 3 Hemi's. You will have to fabricate your own brackets though.

Choose between the taller set-in plugs with flange bolts or shorter weld in plugs.

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