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We are now a Racetech seats dealer! Their legendary 4119 seat has been in the `Cuda for years as we love the support and feel that the back mount provides. We love it so much that we took the 4119 and made it the passenger seat and made a 9119 the new driver seat.

Be sure to check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWhGAg7k-y0

Remember Racetech can also customize their seats to most anything you can imagine such as these beautiful Viper 129 seats.

Racetech has announced that their all new 100 series seats with back mounts and head restraints as well will be in released in January 2019 and will retail for $1,200.00. It will be featured in the 73 Challenger build. 

Email us a for a quote at [email protected] thanks!

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