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Tire Pressure Monitor Systems have been federally mandated on vehicles since around 2008. Most owners who buy aftermarket wheels don't bother with replacing the TPMS sensors on their cars and just put up with the warning light on the dash as the cost of doing it correctly is expensive. For that problem we have a solution. 

We use an ATEQ VT55 scan tool that can reprogram almost any sensor on the market and is the same tool that many dealers use. The OBDII version is able to reprogram Asian vehicles like Toyota, Subaru, Honda, USDM and European brands. 

There is also the VDO REDI-Sensor which is designed to be a universal sensor that covers many OEM TPMS applicatons are widely available and can be used on aftermarket wheels. With our sensor pressure test tool we can check the proper function of your TPMS sensors before installing onto a wheel. 

At first I thought the TPMS was unnecessary, but one day I got a TPMS light and I discovered that a nail wedged itself my in my right rear. A few weeks later the light came back on and I had another nail but this time in my left rear. I was glad to have the TPMS because I would have been stuck with a flat eventually if not for it. 

If anyone near the Northern California East Bay area needs help, contact us so that we can assist you with your TPMS sensors reprogramming.

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